A-Z Of Ailments combined with "Oh No! Not The Onion Poultice Again!"

A to Z
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A – Z of Ailments – is for the person who wishes to take care of their own health with nature’s healing hand. The first section is arranged alphabetically so that you can look up a particular ailment, try simple home remedies and get other ideas on how to improve your body’s ability to deal with the ailment. The second section describes how to prepare such things as a poultice or an ointment. The last section is a list of common herbs that you may find growing locally, and their botanical names. Many Herbalists believe that what grows in your area will help your own health needs, particularly if you are living with nature and eating food from your own garden. Start with a simple throat compress of a damp handkerchief for a sore throat, or a grated apple for diarrhoea. When you find how simple and effective these remedies are you will be keen to try another. By taking responsibility for your own well-being you will find happiness in following Nature’s laws and truly get In Touch With The Earth.