Medicinal Herbs For Home Use

AUD20.00 each


Medicinal Herbs for Home Use - is Pat's fifth book. It covers 20 herbs that you can easily grow in your backyard, practically anywhere. Also, 6 useful vegetables, especially used for healing. People who have attended Pat's courses will know, these herbs and vegetables well. They include herbs such as Calendula, Comfrey, Yarrow and Valerian. The vegetables are Potato, Onion, Garlic, Celery Carrot and Cabbage. Each plant is described in detail with a simple sketch, where it originated, how to grow, and how to collect or purchase. Then there are the health attributes and it's medicinal information. Under this heading, there is some history of the plant, and how it is used. Then there is an alphabetical list of all the ailments for which you can use this herb or vegetable. Also, precisely how to use it with recipes following. It finishes with a story from Pat's files, and something a little lighter (funnier). This book is extremely useful, and essential for people who wish to look after their family naturally. The front cover is a sepia coloured photo of Pat in the garden at THE Centre and it looks great.

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