Useful Weeds At Our Doorstep

Usefull Weeds Book
AUD20.00 each


Useful Weeds At Our Doorstep - is a book that was begging to be written. The dictionary will tell you that a weed is a plant out of place. I was introduced to weeds when I was studying for my Diploma of Herbal Medicine. They have wonderful medicinal values; helping to relieve an itch, getting rid of a cold sore, or a cough. I then saw differently the weeds growing amongst my vegetables and flowers. These plants are growing all around us and we don't realise their potential. The 40 weeds in this book grow in the Hunter Valley of NSW, but many are also be found throughout Australia. For each weed there is the common and botanical name; identifying description with excellent illustrations; distribution; uses; medicinal properties; farm and garden considerations; when to harvest close relatives; and recipes for their use. I know that understanding herbs, especially weeds, has changed my outlook and I hope that it will do the same for you.

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